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With regard to the ongoing lack of understanding of Recognised Clubs responsibilities of the procedures to issue Log Books and to keep appropriate records of Log Books issued to Club Members, the Federation has detailed below recommended procedures.

1. Vehicle Verification Officers
Only Club Members authorised by Transport SA with a current certificate can issue a MR334 Vehicle Verification Form.

(a) Is owner a financial member of your club? (Check with Club Treasurer or
sight current club membership card).

(b) All vehicle details should be checked and MR334 completed as necessary with a Residential Address. (P.O. Box No. only used as postal address). This is to stop interstate residents poaching on our system. Only vehicles garaged in South Australia are eligible for our conditional registration system.

(c) Any approved variations to be noted on MR334 at the time of inspection.

(d) Fill in a Vehicle History Sheet with Member's Name, Address, Vehicle details and Date MR334 issued and any approved variations in the Comments Column.

(e) Give MR334 Form to Member to take to Transport SA to apply for Conditional Registration.

(f) Give History Sheet to your Club's Authorised Registrar who issues Log Books. Show any approved variations.

(g) Retain Club copies of all MR16 and MR334's issued.
NOTE: Vehicle should be physically sighted (not a photograph), so accurate assessment can be made.

There have been queries re: Other Clubs checking vehicles for a remote member. Feedback was negative to that suggestion for various reasons. The Federation believes any member of a recognised club should bring the vehicle to the Authorisation Officer at an agreed time and place. Via a day permit or transport by trailer or similar. The small cost involved is outweighed significantly by the savings between full registration and conditional registration as well as possible savings in insurance and stamp duty. But this can be sorted at Member /Club level.

2. Club Registrars

Only Club Members authorized by their Club and whose names have been notified to Transport SA on Club Letterhead can issue and endorse Log Books. E.g. Unless authorised as above Club Treasurers, Secretaries etc. CAN NOT issue or endorse Membership Pages of Log Books.

(a)Is the vehicle normally garaged in South Australia? If not.
Do not go any further.

(b) Is owner a Financial Member of your Club? (Check with Treasurer or sight current membership card)

(c) Before issuing a Log Book check that your Club approved the initial conditional registration, if not, have your Club Verification Officer issue a MR334.

(d) Check Certificate of Registration and Club Records that a Log Book has not already been issued to this vehicle.

(e) If Member has come from another Club with a Log Book issued by the other Club and wants to have a Log Book issued by your Club. The Member must first have the old Log Book cancelled by the issuing Club. Then produce it (cancelled) to your (Club Registrar) before a new Log Book can be issued. BUT the vehicle should be verified by your Club Verification Officer and an MR334 issued first, even if vehicle is already registered.

(f) Fill in Replacement Date on Front Cover three (3) years forward from date of issue.

(g) Fill in Owner and Vehicle Details as per current registration papers and stamp where indicated. Get owner to sign book.

(h) Fill in Membership Year as necessary (or part year if member joined part way through year) and stamp where indicated and Club Registrar to sign.

(i) Fill in Registration expiry date.

(j) Any Approved Variations on History Sheet should be listed on Variations Page in back of Log Book (use one of the notes pages on early issue Log Books) and stamp with Club Stamp immediately after last entry and Club Registrar to Sign off.

(k) If replacing a Log Book part way through a Registration Year for whatever reason; Don't forget to transfer any used days for the current Registration Year to the new Log Book i.e. Rule out lines as required and note reason in Log Book.

(l) Fill in History Sheet with Log Book Number, Issue Date, Registration Expiry Date and Current Membership status. Use comments column for notations e.g. Variations, Old Log Book cancelled / New Log Book issued, Vehicle sold, Non Financial - Transport SA notified etc.
NOTE: Clubs only have to notify Transport SA if the member is unfinancial after two (2) months from end of Club Year if a current Log Book is issued to said member. (Current means any Log Book that has not been cancelled.
Information required by Transport SA - Owners Name and Address and Log Book No/s. and most important the Registration No/s. of Vehicle/s.

(m) Stamp rear of Registration Papers with Club Stamp and write Log Book No. issued and Date issued and Club Registrar to sign. This must be done again when the registration is renewed.

(n) Enter Log Book No. + Owner + Vehicle details on Log Book Return Sheet in Numerical Order please.
When Log Books are received from the Federation fill in Log Book Numbers on the Blank Return Sheets supplied with your Log Books IN NUMERICAL ORDER then Club Record keeping will be very easy.
It will also help the Federation reconcile their records efficiently.
See enclosed notes re: Log Book Orders and Return Sheets.

(o) Send in Return Sheets to the Historic Vehicle Manager's address annually in September or October or when ordering Log Books which ever is earlier. Recommend that large clubs send in Return Sheets as and when they fill a Return Sheet completely. Even if you have only issued one Log Book for year, send in a Return Sheet.

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